Rockstar Spirits - Captn Webbs Two Swallows Cherry And Salted Caramel Spiced Rum 50cl Bottle

Two Swallows spiced rum, produced by the Diamond Distillery in Guyana then infused with cherry and salted caramel. Creamy sweet caramel is balanced by a pinch of rock salt along with notes of maraschino and black cherries. Two Swallows was created by Thomas Hurst as a tribute to his famous ancestor Captain Matthew Webb, who died in 1883 when trying swim the whirlpool rapids at Niagara Falls. Traditionally, experienced seamen would have a tattoo of two swallows, while legend has it that if a sailor drowns then the two swallows in the tattoo will carry their soul to heaven. Two Swallows botanicals and spicing are perfectly matched with Cherry Cola to create a truly world-class Rum & Coke.

£ 20.99