Nikka - Taketsuru Pure Malt New Release 70cl Bottle

1 bottle per customer. Tasting notes: Citrus aromas, orange and pear initially greet the nose and evolve into light herbaceous notes, subtle peat and grapefruit. Round and delicate on the palateit shows cereal, cardamom and candied fruit flavours. Slight but discreet bitterness comes along with some peatiness reminiscent of a full-bodied dark chocolate. A homage to Nikkas founder, MasatakaTaketsuru, the father of Japanese whisky. Taketsuru Pure Malt is a blended malt named after Nikkas founder, a disciplined craftsman whow as constant in his pursuit of perfection - a characteristic Nikka is pursuing to this day. The new releasere places the previous Pure Malt expression which was discontinued in early 2020 and reflects much more the historic style of the Taketsuru blend. The whisky is a blend of aged single malt casks from Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries and showcases an exquisite balance of softness and complexity. Miyagikyo remains prominent but a higher proportion of Yoichi is used in this new edition. The liquid is aged in ex-sherry and Miyagikyo remade casks. The Taketsuru logo, founders signature and brand emblem are all present on the bottle, displaying the authenticity and tradition of this superb whisky.

£ 59.99