Jensens - London Dry Gin 70cl Bottle

Pine and lavender notes from Italian juniper rightly lead both the nose and palate of this traditionally styled gin. Coriander adds notes of ginger and sage, while orris root imparts subtle hints of parma violet. Sweet almond, liquorice and angelica soften and smooth while also adding further complexity to the flavour. Unlike so many gins these days, Bermondsey Gin is made to a very traditional London style. It is a true London distilled dry gin made only using the botanicals found in gins from the 1800s. Bermondsey Gin does not include cucumber, rose, grains of paradise or any of the other weird and wonderful botanicals introduced to gin making over the past couple of decades. Bermondsey gin is simply excellent, traditionally styled London distilled dry gin. Bermondsey Gin is the result of one man's experience and his dream of making his own gin. Back in 2001, Christian Jensen's banking job led to his living in Tokyo for a couple of years. One night after a particularly hard day at the bank he stumbled upon one of Tokyo's legendary hidden bars. Set in a high-rise building this tiny establishment comprised of one small, dimly lit room with an ancient plank that stood as the bar. The old man that stood behind it introduced himself as Oda-san, and said, you look like you could use a drink. He set a crystal tumbler containing a clear liquid, garnished with a lime peel in front of Christian and explained that it was a Naked Martini made with pure gin from your city, London, nothing more. The drink buzzed with flavours and over the following months Christian stopped at Oda-san's place almost nightly for the same elixir. Then one night, as Christian stopped in to say farewell to Oda-san, he handed him a gift; a bottle of gin, the label almost completely worn way except for 'don Gin. Take this, Oda-san said. The last bottle, the soul of London and its gin. He paused with longing, no one makes this anymore, and once it's gone... and his voice trailed off. Over the course of the following year, not a day went by without Christian thinking about Oda-san and the amazing gin. So started one man's quest to recreate the flavour of that authentic 19th century London dry gin.

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