Whitley Neill - Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin 70cl Bottle

Lusciously red and juicy Strawberries offer a sweetness in this gin thats balanced out by a hint of cracked black pepper. While most of Johnny Neills inspiration for his his award winning gins comes from his ancestors intrepid travel exploits abroad, this Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin harks from fond memories made slightly closer to home. Thats why the NEW Whitley Neill Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin takes it influences from fond memories going back to a time when Johnny and his family grew the sweetest and juiciest of Strawberries in their kitchen garden farm in a little place called Rockbeare, Devon, England. Its then they discovered a hint of black pepper allows the inherent sweetness of the strawberry to shine through stronger than ever. Which works beautifully as a partnership with the Original botanicals in Whitley Neill Gin. Botanicals: Strawberry, Black peppercorns, Juniper, Cassia bark and Coriander .

£ 22.60