Portobello Road - Navy Strength Gin 50cl Bottle

A nautical-inspired expression from the proud purveyors of Londons spirit. Bottled at a punchy 57.1%, it is a mightier and more flavourful version of our 171 London Dry and has been seasoned with English sea salt. The gin is distilled with English-grown wheat and Portobello Road Gins signature recipe of nine-time honoured botanicals: juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, liquorice root, cassia bark and nutmeg. A small amount of English sea salt is added at the end of the distillation process resulting in a subtle yet distinct flavour. It is intense, ginny, punchy, characterful, mixable and has a distinct maritime edge to it. A gin for gin lovers, and if you like Portobello youll really like Portobello Navy Strength.

£ 23.79